Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Worst Sites 1b: Wednesday

somehow I skipped tuesday. or at least I think I did. no matter. I'll have 5 great and 5 not so great sites to share in a wrap up post by the end of the week. But for today's finds:

Worst: African Womens Blogs.
I really wanted this one to be a gem. Alas, not so much in the way of great blogs relating to women and the political blogosphere. This site purports to be an "aggregator of african women blogs," and asks readers to join the forum. What I found was several blogs written by women, but not necessarily women living in Africa. There were several African women who were blogging, just not about politics. The site also generated several errors when I clicked on links to see "Top Users" and "Listed Blogs." Thumbs down for a site that doesn't help this user easily find content on the site and for generating errors on links that should work.

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