Thursday, October 11, 2007

Elsewhere in J713 2: Useful Spins on Consumer Health

I'm enjoying reading classmate Marcie Barnes' Feeding Blackmail blog, where she's examining health issues in the context of every day life. She's providing useful consumer information in a manner that's easy and fun to read. Marcie's doing a good job of providing the facts in her posts so her readers can make informed decisions on their own, but she's also including enough of her opinions to give readers a sense of where she stands.

What I love most is the tone of the blog: Marcie comes across as a real person who's sorting through the food information just like everyone else. She does so in a manner that doesn't leave me feeling guilty for not always being green or organic. However, her writing is persuasive enough to suggest I try.

I've not been swept into the organic health food craze, but it's nice to learn more about it from someone who's already navigated a great deal of the information that's out there.

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