Friday, October 12, 2007

From Why journalists love blogging

Mark Gimein, a guest blogger for this week wrote: "A friend of mine who asked not to be named calls blogging 'Journalist's Crack."

Sounds about right to me. The new form gives journalists freedom from the restrictions of print, offers a quick way to get instant answers and feedback from readers and editors alike. Write as much as you want without worrying people will read you. Build an audience because they drool over every word you publish. I can see why it's compared to a drug.

"Journalists love doing this in part because over the years they have been pushed to squeeze more and more of the viewpoint and analysis out of their writing in the name of objectivity. So the blog lets them cut loose. It gives them a satisfaction that's hard to get from doing original reporting, and it's much easier than doing original reporting as well. And it lets them feel like they're part of a community, 'the blogosphere.' "

Plus, it's a little bit fun to see who's really paying attention to what you have to say.

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