Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Best/Worst Sites 2: Monday

Best: Women's eNews.
This site, funded by several leading U.S. think tanks and endowments including the Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, has a strong list of links to national and international women's issues. There are also a significant number of original articles and research on the site. Thus far, it's been one of the best spring boards to finding both domestic and international sites related to women and politics. I'm adding Women's eNews to the list of the best sites relating to my topic on the strong credibility of its sponsors, funding and endowment as well as its links to other quality websites.

Worst: Jagriti International
Adding this site to the list of worst is a little bittersweet as I'm adding it here mostly because the group has not been active since 2005 when
"On-going civil and political strife in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal have made it impossible for us to safely send Bridging Worlds volunteers to these countries. The U.S. Patriot Act and visa restrictions have also forced us to suspend our Bridging Worlds Emerging Leaders program because it is nearly impossible for women from grassroots organizations to meet stringent U.S. visa requirements. Therefore the board has sadly decided to indefinitely suspend our active programs."

The group has some good links to women's groups that are active in many developing nations. But, given Jagriti's lack of it's own recently updated information relating to women's groups and political advocacy, I'm reluctant to assume any of the links and contact information for the linked groups are active and accurate.
It's terribly unfortunate that violence and the Patriot Act are among the chief reasons this group had to discontinue assisting women in developing nations.

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