Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Evaluating Web Sites 3: Relevance

I'm learning a tremendous amount about women in the blogosphere, U.S. women on politics, and about international organizations that are focused on promoting women's rights around the world. I'm having a little trouble keeping focused on the combination of international women blogging on politics. I confess, it's easy to get off on tangents and go tumbling down the rabbit hole on any one of the subjects. And, in doing so, I've stumbled onto some pretty good resources that are on topic. But, the goal here is to be specific and find sites that support t

How unique is the content and the opinions of the authors/commentators? Do they write about politics around the world? Are the writings focused on politics or is political commentary an occasional component of the blog or website? Does the site broaden the scope of the topic or does it target the specific goal of the topic?

I’m looking for are sites that can succinctly direct me to a wealth of information.

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