Monday, October 8, 2007

Best Sites 1a: 100 Women Political Bloggers

Lisa Bistreich posted about my blog, and a commenter there pointed me to this blog and a post of 100 links to women political bloggers. Talk about a gold mine! Thanks to Lisa and her commenter for the tip. I'll have to spend some serious time scouring this list. I think the bulk of the ones listed here may be domestic. But, I'm hopeful these 100 ladies will direct me to even more useful sites.

Updated 10.10.07: I'm updating this post to include this site as one of my 5 best for the assignment requirements. It makes the cut because of the volume of links related to the topic. While the list contains numerous U.S. bloggers, it's a tremendous link list to use to find others. It's relevant, timely and accurate. Better still, readers have been submitting their own links giving the site points for dynamics and reader interactivity.

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