Thursday, October 11, 2007

Best/Worst Sites 3: Thursday

Best: Global Voices Online, Politics Blogs
I mentioned this site earlier this week on the classroom Blackboard and I've listed it in the blogroll over on the right. Time to make a note of it here as well. Global Voices is a project of Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society.
This particular section of the site helps narrow the group of bloggers down to those who focus on politics. While there are many male bloggers listed in this group, this is by far one of the best groupings of international political bloggers I've found thus far. The site is edited by members of the Center, and blog posts are of high quality. It's an interesting way of aggregating bloggers from around the world - translate and host their posts all in one searchable place. But, it makes finding many different voices a very quick and easy process.
One of the more frequent posters is Veronica Khokhlova, who covers topics around the Ukraine and Russia. She's a native of Kiev who has degrees in journalism from Rutgers and the University of Iowa.
And Neha Viswanathan is a blogger living in London who focuses on south Asia. Her blogroll looks like it will also be a promising place to find women bloggers.
Good stuff every time I take a click.

Worst: Sites found with the search combination: russian women blog
I should have known better when I did this search in I had decided to use to let the smart search give me a little help in finding some blogs to list under the not-so-great category. First filtered search gave me a ton of results for Russian mail-order bride type sites. Whoopsie... Hope the work censors get a chuckle out of some of these hits. No naked ladies, just lots of ads for all types of Russian women. Not exactly the types of "blogs" I was looking for.

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