Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welcome Aboard!

This is the last blog to complete my classwork for UNC's Graduate Certificate in Communication of Technology. What do I do next? Well, there's a couple different ideas floating around. But before I go jumping into '08, there's the matter of global perspectives to address.

My "blogging preamble," an essay proposal for this blog, was written the week before I went on vacation. So, it needs a bit more polish and revision before the topic makes an official debut. Couple things that I'm batting around to study this semester:

  1. Global Access. Bandwidth and speed and access of different socio-economic groups. Also, global access in terms of what information is available in different countries and how that access is monitored.
  2. The future of Newspapering. A theme I researched last semester for JOMC 710, lesliejwilkinson.googlepages.com, and continue to research at oinnovate.blogspot.com with newsroom colleagues. Perhaps the global focus looks at developing international newspaper resources, expanding on last semester’s domestic approach.
  3. Women and the international blogging community. How do women stack up online in international communities? Are women taking the lead?
  4. Elections and bloggers. What impact have bloggers had on international elections? How have their opinions changed and defined campaigns around the world? Do international candidates turn to blogs and the web the way U.S. candidates are doing?

Revisions in the works and a new preamble and research subject coming soon. I'm leaning towards doing something with a non-newspaper topic; I spend so much time at work thinking about papers as it is. I'm thinking a slight change of pace will be refreshing.

In the meantime, links to my J-713 classmates and my other certificate projects coming up soon. Here's to another great semester of online learning!

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